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Building stronger communities through financial wellness.

As non-profit financial institutions, credit unions have played a critical financial education role in many communities across the country - often for generations.

MoneyEdu is designed to help you achieve your credit union's financial education goals in ways that weren't possible before. MoneyEdu allows you to reach more members, have a greater impact in your community, and accurately measure the results of your program.

How We're Different

There's no shortage of financial information today. Websites, podcasts, newspapers, and television shows produce more financial content than ever before. On the Internet, "personal finance" has become a business model that's perfect for selling ads and for earning referral fees on high-priced financial services. But that's not who we are, and we know that's not who you are.

MoneyEdu is different because we see the potential in what you do every single day. Almost any interaction you have with a member can be a teachable moment for financial literacy, promoting financial responsibility, and even for saving members money with your non-profit services. But in today's sea of financial information, how can your credit union stay relevant?

That's where we come in.

What is MoneyEdu?

The product of over a decade's experience in delivering online financial education and a three-year pilot program with some of the nation's most innovative credit unions, MoneyEdu was built from the ground up to give members the best financial education experience available anywhere. Whether your credit union has one branch or one-hundred, MoneyEdu gives you the same financial education technology that's trusted by some of the largest states, universities, and financial institutions in the country - ours.

There are five pillars to MoneyEdu:

  • Financial Engagement Platform - MoneyEdu builds deep member engagement through unparalleled customization. Our proprietary platform adapts to each member's goals, helping them create a personal financial plan and then track their success over time. Every member has access to our 100,000+ word content library, including dozens of videos, interactive exercises, and assessments. You can choose which courses to offer, tailor them to the needs of each outreach program, and even add your own content. A modern, fully responsive design delivers a great MoneyEdu experience on any device - including PCs, smart phones, and tablets.
  • Advanced Data Reporting - These real-time tools offer both aggregate and member-specific insights, all while absolutely respecting the privacy preferences of each member. Aggregate tools can be used to better focus community-level education needs by responding to data points from each community, ranging from financial stress levels to misconceptions about common financial topics. Member-specific reporting, including course grades, engagement statistics, and missed quiz questions, can be used as part of financial counseling and borrower-benefit programs. Further, all administrative activities are logged, creating an administrator-specific audit trail of changes to the system and all interactions with members.
  • Secure Communication Tools - For credit unions seeking to join financial education with lending or counseling programs, MoneyEdu includes secure messaging, data sharing, and customer relationship management tools that are fully integrated into the educational experience. Member data sharing is always "opt-in" and includes the option to share monthly budgets, budget-to-actuals tracking, financial goals, and personalized feedback exercises. Communication tools can be enabled or disabled at the discretion of each credit union.
  • Community Outreach - In addition to using MoneyEdu with members, access can be provided to community groups and employers. Decision Partners also offers Financial Literacy 101 for high school and college students. When program administration is offered to a third-party, a separate Classrooms interface offers a simplified self-service administrative experience that does not affect your other programs. MoneyEdu also offers multimedia presentations and fact sheets that can be embedded into your website and viewed without registration.
  • Custom Licensing and Development - In addition to all the resources listed here, we also offer a custom licensing program that seamlessly integrates MoneyEdu into the look and feel of your website, including URL customization (for example, "" can become ""). Full integration offers more customization options and is an ideal foundation for an education-focused social media strategy.

MoneyEdu is ready to use right now, with no set up or IT requirements on your end.

Our Story

MoneyEdu is produced by Decision Partners, a pioneer in online financial education. Since launching the world's first online financial literacy course over a decade ago, Decision Partners has delivered millions of assignments nationwide.

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Decision Partners started exploring credit union services in 2009 after learning of an innovative financial counseling / auto buying service operated by Unitus Credit Union in Portland, Oregon. Unitus played a key role in showing us how lending and education could not only coexist, but thrive together.

MoneyEdu's credit union program was "soft launched" in 2012 with Generations Federal Credit Union and our Financial Literacy 101 program. Aplus Federal Credit Union joined in 2013 with both MoneyEdu and Financial Literacy 101. Since then, over 40,000 individuals have completed courses through their sponsorship.

Now we bring you MoneyEdu - representing the best of everything we've learned about real-world financial education.

We look forward to working with you.

What can you do with MoneyEdu?

How you implement MoneyEdu is up to you - your program can be restricted to certain members or could scale to thousands of individuals in your community. Here are a few ideas:

  • Employee Education

    MoneyEdu is perfect for building a financial responsible culture, from employee onboarding to periodic financial training. Wouldn't it be great if every employee offered consistent answers to common questions?

  • Member Benefits

    From complete courses to quick financial assessments, MoneyEdu helps members make tangible financial progress with every log in. Members can opt-in to a weekly branded, customized This Week financial education email.

  • Community Outreach

    Schools, faith-based organizations, and other community groups can use MoneyEdu to fulfill their financial education goals. With our Classrooms system, their implementation is completely customizable and self-service.

  • Lending and Account Incentives

    Customizable MoneyEdu courses are ideal as requirements for second-chance checking programs, first-time auto loans, and other services for those who may have experienced a financial setback. Use MoneyEdu's communication tools for high-touch programs.

  • Social Media Content

    Build deeper engagement with members - and potential members - by promoting MoneyEdu content that's embedded directly into your website. Don't let your "links" to third-party financial websites become "leads" for the companies that advertise there.

  • Business Services

    Build relationships with local businesses by offering them the same financial education tools you use for your members and employees - MoneyEdu. With complete participation tracking, HR departments can help employees make better personal and business financial decisions.

We'd love to hear from you.

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Our Commitment

Decision Partners is committed to working with all credit unions, regardless of size or budget.

Please visit us at for complete details about MoneyEdu services, pricing, and options. Or contact us now to schedule a conversation with a member of our team.