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Financial Basics for High School

A Credit Union Branded Certification Credential

The MoneyEdu certification badge The MoneyEdu Financial Basics Certification Badge recognizes significant achievement in financial literacy education. With MoneyEdu, your credit union can bring this innovative program to local high schools and community organizations at no additional cost.

Our certification program requires successful completion of Financial Basics for High School, a robust multi-course curriculum that's mapped to national financial literacy standards and covers dozens of topics required for financial success in college and beyond. Certified students earn a personalized badge and a personalized MoneyEdu certification page that's ideal an credential for college applications, employment applications, or for any other purpose.

Most students earning certification spend between five and six hours studying the 45,000+ word curriculum. Many students complete the program as part of an in-the-classroom curriculum led by a high school teacher using our Classrooms platform, a classroom management tool that leverages class-specific survey and quiz responses for a true blended learning experience.

In the State of North Carolina, completion of this curriculum earns a state-recognized credential. We're working to bring similar recognition to additional states.

Curriculum Outline

Students earning Financial Basics Certification must demonstrate mastery of the following courses.

A couple speaks with a financial planner or real estate agent.

Financial Services

A look at commonly used financial services and accounts, including banks, credit unions, and alternative services.
Two people shaking hands over paperwork.

Borrowing and Credit

Your decisions about when to borrow, how to borrow, and how to manage debt affect more of your life than you may expect.
A piggy bank on the welcome mat of a home.

Buying a Home

The pros and cons of buying a home, including a comparison with renting.
A row of credit card positioned next to a row of hundred dollar bills.

Choices About Money

Financial decisions almost always involve a trade off - getting something now usually means giving up something else.
Arrow going upward over increase amounts of stacked bills.

Compound Interest

Einstein said "compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world." Was he right?
Young man in sports coat walking, looking at smartphone, and smiling.

Earning a Living

Your choices about careers and employer benefits are some of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever make.
A graduate in cap and gown hugging his father.

Education and Financial Success

Why college is a great investment, even though it has an increasingly high cost.
Vintage photo of young woman hurdling over an obstacle.

Financial Health

What does it mean to be financially healthy? How do you measure it? Let's take a look.
View of the horizon down a long desserted road in the middle of nowhere.

Getting the Most from MoneyEdu

A quick introduction to site goals and resources for high school students.
Woman completing paperwork at desk.

Managing Financial Accounts

How to get the most for financial services while minimizing fees and protecting your personal information.
White lines in the road with arrow at the end.

Planning for Your Financial Future

Learning the "how" and "why" of short, medium, and long-term financial planning.
Gold lock over a display of digital numbers.

Protecting Your Financial Identity

Steps you can take to minimize the chances of identity theft.
A businessman looking over a wheat field with lightning in the sky.

Protecting Your Success With Insurance

Understanding how insurance plays an important role in our financial lives.
Man in shirt and tie rubbing eyes under glasses. Tired.

Recognizing Financial Problems

One in five Americans have bad credit, which is commonly defined as a credit score below 620.
Monopoly Bankruptcy Cartoon

Renting an Apartment

Understanding your rights and responsibilities when renting an apartment.
A SALE sign in a store window.

Smart Spending

As a financially capable individual, how you choose to spend money should reflect your goals, values, and priorities.

About MoneyEdu

MoneyEdu is a service of Decision Partners, a pioneer in online wellness education. For over a decade, we've helped over one million individuals with personalized "just in time" financial education on a broad range of topics.