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Buying a Home

An overview of the home-buying process, from saving for a down payment to closing the deal.

For Sale sign in front of a house.

Buying a Home Introduction

Some pros and cons of buying a home, including a comparison with renting.
Small model house on top of a pile of 1 dollar bills.

Buying vs. Renting a Home

Factors to consider when making an informed "buy" or "rent" decision.
Woman looking at several forms on a table with her hand on a calculator.

Planning for Your Home Purchase

Before you buy a home, determine how much consumer debt is reasonable for you and what upfront costs you will have for your home purchase.
A piggy bank on the welcome mat of a home.

Understanding Down Payments

A large down payment isn't always needed to buy a home, but let's take a look at how down payments can affect your total mortgage costs.
Model house made with $20 bills.

Understanding Mortgages

The parts of a mortgage and common mortgage loan options.
Credit Report with Score

Should You Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage?

When you're pre-approved, you'll have a better idea of your costs and options.
Family looking in a house with a realtor.

How Real Estate Agents Work

A look at the role your agent will play in the home buying process.
A couple with a Realtor looking at houses.

Assembling a Home Buying Team

Having the right people on your side can help you make the best possible buying decisions.
Couple looking at a house.

Making an Offer and Closing the Deal

Crossing the finish line of the home buying process – submitting an offer, negotiating, and dealing with closing costs.
Kid on a bike heading down a long road. Word START is next to boy.

Financial Basics

Learn the basics of managing money, including financial health, budgeting, managing credit, plus more.

Woman with hand under trunk of tree with $ signs as leaves on chalkboard

Financial Health   

The concept of financial health is the foundation of any financial plan.
Woman's hand writing out three goals on yellow legal pad.

Introduction to Budgeting   

Why budgeting is important, no matter how much money you earn.
Hand running credit card through credit card machine.

Credit vs. Debit Cards   

Credit and debit cards each have pros and cons. When should you use each?
Boy Scout in uniform with hand raised for Scout Pledge. Boy Scouts written above.

Credit Reports and Scores   

Credit reports and scores determine the rates you pay when borrowing and can affect your ability to get certain jobs.
Personal Check with pen point on amount box.

Managing Accounts   

Account management strategies for checking and savings.
Credit Report with Score

Building Credit   

Understanding the decisions and behaviors that can lead to improved credit scores.
Woman's forehead leaning down on her hand.  Discouraged.

Identity Theft   

Understanding ID theft and how to prevent it.
Person putting last piece of a jigsaw puzzle down.

Financial Planning

What you need to know to start making a long-term financial plan, from getting married to planning for retirement.

Four surgeons in masks looking down at someone of table. Appear to be looking at viewer.

Medical Care Planning

How to make sure your wishes are followed in a medical crisis.
Coach Writing Play on Chalkboard

Financial Planning

Learning the "how" and "why" of short, medium, and long-term financial planning.
Hanging file with label

Estate Planning

Wills, trusts, and other end of life issues.
The words: Last Will and

Creating a Will

A will is the cornerstone of the legal framework of an estate plan, and everyone should have one.
Power of Attorney document in a typewriter.

Powers of Attorney

Everyone faces the possibility of temporary or permanent incapacitation. Make sure your wishes are followed.
Two wedding rings touching and on top of $300.

Talking About Money

A look at some of the financial considerations of getting married.
Dentist giving young man novocaine in his mouth.

Planning for the Unexpected

Planning for unexpected events, including accidents, death, and even the possibility of divorce, are all part of a responsible marriage.


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Personal and Professional Etiquette

Whether you're applying for a new job, having a business lunch or talking about money, everyday personal etiquette says a lot about you.

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