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Home Improvement and Renovation

If you own your home, it's likely to be your biggest investment. So how do you determine whether or not to invest more?

Improvements Versus Repairs

Day 1: The financial distinction can be important and often overlooked.

Renovate or Move? It's Complicated

Day 2: Deciding whether to renovate your existing home or buy a new one involves more than purely financial considerations.

Energy Efficiency: Is it Worth it?

Day 3: The financial benefits of energy efficient upgrades can vary greatly.

Which Renovations Are Worth It?

Day 4: From a financial point of view, the answers can be surprising.

How to Fund Renovations

Day 5: From mortgage refinancing to government loan programs, home owners have a variety of finding choices.

Tax Benefits and Home Renovations

Day 6: From tax deductible interest expenses to tax credits for energy efficient upgrades, a reduced tax bill can take some of the bite out of renovation expenses.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Renovating

Day 7: Five things to avoid when starting a project - and what to do instead.

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How Big Economic Concepts Affect You

Ever wonder how concepts like the unemployment rate, trade deficits and inflation affect you? This week, let's take a look at topics you hear about in the nightly news.

Big Economic Concepts That Can Affect You

Day 1: Basic knowledge of complex economic concepts and terms will bring much of the economic news into focus.

The Trade Deficit

Day 2: Let's simplify the trade deficit to understand how it affects the economy, the country, and your life.

Unemployment Versus Underemployment

Day 3: A thorough understanding of the unemployment rate will improve your understanding of the workforce and how unemployment and underemployment affect jobs and the economy.

The Ups and Ups of Inflation

Day 4: What is inflation and can you protect yourself from it?

The Federal Reserve Bank

Day 5: The vast operations of our contemporary central bank in managing the money supply are crucial to stabilizing the economy and making the United States a country in which its citizens can live, do business, and prosper.

How Free Trade Agreements Work

Day 6: Much of the discussion and debate over free trade agreements stems from determining whether or not they are healthy for the economies and the people living in the countries involved.

Chinese Imports: Are They Good or Bad?

Day 7: Deciding what's best for the U.S. economy and your bank account can be tricky when it comes to imports from low wage countries like China.

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