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A Seven-Day Plan to Cut Spending
A full week’s worth of easy and actionable ways to keep more of your money in your wallet each month – some of these take only minutes, but result in significant savings over time.

A Seven-Day Plan to Cut Spending

Introduction to a full week’s worth of easy and actionable ways to keep more of your money in your wallet each month

Question Your Habits and Save

A review of habits that could be impacting your budget.

Slash Your Food Budget and Save

Changing the way you shop and the foods you buy can help you save money.

Recurring Payments Could Kill Your Budget

Reviewing all of your recurring payments at least once a year and preferably once a quarter will help you determine exactly what you are paying for and if you should stop.

3 Ways to Cut Your Credit Card Expenses for Good

There are several ways to cut your credit card costs and the approach you choose will depend on your current credit score and the offers available to you.

Saving Money With Your Home

Some fast and easy ways to save on your home – most take only minutes but will result in lower costs every month.

Saving Money With Your Car

Your car costs add up to a lot more than just your monthly payment, and underestimating what you spend can bust your budget. Here are steps that can help.

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Financial Concepts Everyone Should Understand

We review the financial concepts that everyone needs to be familiar with. The information we all need to flourish in today's world.

A Crash Course in Navigating Modern Consumer Life

Review of the financial concepts everyone should understand.

The Facts About Taxes

By identifying and preparing the right forms and documents -- and keeping detailed records -- you can ensure that your taxes are paid promptly and accurately.

How to Make the Best Deal in Real Estate

By paying close attention and finding the loan that best suits your needs, you minimize the odds of a negative outcome.

Fundamentals of Investing

Investing your money wisely is one of the most important things you can do to secure your future financial independence.

Why Insurance is Indispensable

Insurance plays a key role in protecting our financial future.

Get the Most from Your Employee Benefits

The right benefits package can help you stay healthy, save for retirement and enjoy more time away from the office.

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