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Personal and Professional Etiquette
Whether you're applying for a new job, having a business lunch or evening going on a date, everyday personal etiquette says a lot about you.

What Etiquette Says About You

Introduction to the Personal and Professional Etiquette week.

Top Ten Etiquette Mistakes When Dining

Whether you're on a first date or attending an important business lunch, good table etiquette is an absolute must if you want to present yourself in the best possible light.

Don't Know How Much to Tip? Here's a Helpful Guide

The ins and outs of tipping anyone who provides you with a service.

Dating: Who Pays?

Knowing when to pay for a date is not always easy these days. Understanding cues and communicating your intent can help you navigate an awkward situation.

The Role of Etiquette in the Workplace

Learning how to successfully navigate the rules of office etiquette is a critical step toward thriving at work. The following will help you negotiate social situations with confidence.

How to Talk About Money

Even in today's "share everything" culture," money is still a sensitive subject - and that's one reason why you should follow the rules of etiquette governing such conversations.

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A piggy bank on the welcome mat of a home.

Home Improvement and Renovation

If you own your home, it's likely to be your biggest investment. So how do you determine whether or not to invest more?

Improvements Versus Repairs

The financial distinction can be important and often overlooked.

Renovate or Move? It's Complicated

Deciding whether to renovate your existing home or buy a new one involves more than purely financial considerations.

Energy Efficiency: Is it Worth it?

The financial benefits of energy efficient upgrades can vary greatly.

Which Renovations Are Worth It?

From a financial point of view, the answers can be surprising.

How to Fund Renovations

From mortgage refinancing to government loan programs, home owners have a variety of finding choices.

Tax Benefits and Home Renovations

From tax deductible interest expenses to tax credits for energy efficient upgrades, a reduced tax bill can take some of the bite out of renovation expenses.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Renovating

Five things to avoid when starting a project - and what to do instead.

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